INVERBOOST Commercial Pool Heat Pump


INVERBOOST Commercial Pool Heat Pump

  • Super efficiency for commercial use
  • Intelligent inverter PCB offers multi-protection for the system
  • Low noise operation for more relaxation
  • Well applied to Olympic pools, public pools and aqua parks etc
  • Galvanized metal casing with hidden screws


INVERBOOST Commercial Pool Heat Pumps use the advantages of modern air-to-water heat pump technology, resulting in high efficient heating and cooling systems, quite easily.

Complete with variable speed inverter driven compressors and our high efficiency condenser, the INVERBOOST commercial pool heat pump is the perfect solution for any commercial job – even in extreme climates.


Alsavo Energy-efficient, higher C.O.P

INVERBOOST commercial pool heat pump is designed to compensate higher investment costs by very low operational costs compared to electric & gas heater .

Centralized control 

Modular design, 4 units can be set as one module and controlled flexibly, reaching max. 480 kW heating capacity

Dual independent compressor systems allows individual operation relevant to the system demand.

Alsavo Intelligent operation with three modes

  • Smart mode: Heat your pool at 20%-100% capacity dynamically
  • Silent mode:  After desired temperatures are reached ,silent mode helps to save energy and running cost by using 25% capacity
  • Turbo mode:  Achieve the best heating capacity for your pool
Distance of  installation

Generally, the pool heat pump unit should be installed beside the swimming pool, and the distance should be less than 7.5 meters.

The installation distance of each pool heat pump unit is shown on the right.



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